Facilitation & Program Design

Polykala uses Adaptive Leadership and Forum/Playback Theatre principles to design and facilitate engaging and attuned workshops suited to a variety of contexts.

We see facilitation as a distributed learning model where the insights and perspectives are uncovered through a series of purpose-designed activities. For facilitation to work, a safe, open space needs to be created. We start by listening.

We facilitate a range of public and professional sessions including: Training programs, Public Events, Staff & Community consultations, Community Engagement and Focus Groups.

Polykala collaborates with Melbourne Playback Theatre and Diana Renner (Not Knowing Lab) among others.

Past Projects


Polykala were collaborating partners in developing, designing and delivering the Say No to Racism training, one of Australia's first training packages to equip bystanders with the skills to tackle interpersonal racism.

Polykala’s program design and facilitation encourages participants to look within themselves to create achievable solutions and ignites genuine leadership. Their facilitation style in both small and large groups is exciting and dynamic as well as very warm and friendly allowing eager participants to contribute openly and honestly.
— Dure de Winter, Darebin City Council, Say No to Racism Project Officer.


Polykala delivered three sessions to over 450 students at the Melbourne Medical Students Conference called Beyond Answers: Adaptive Leadership for Medical Practitioners. The sessions were an experiential introduction to Adaptive Leadership aimed to enhance their ability to make a difference as medical professionals.

Polykala provided a fascinating insight on the application of Adaptive Leadership and emotional intelligence. This is invaluable in the development of leadership skills for the young doctors of the future.
— Nigel Sutherland, Medical Student, University of Melbourne


The City of Moreland invited Polykala to run a daylong workshop with the region's key Service Providers on Human Rights. This workshop employed the Forum Theatre methodology as a means of enabling participants to experience first hand the issues facing their clients. This training provided tangible skills and a space for active discussions and rigorous debate. The workshop offered valuable insights to both Moreland Senior Management and key stakeholders surrounding the complexities of policies and procedures dealing with human rights.

Attendees were able to be passionate about the issues and were able to express this during the facilitated Forum Theatre; this enabled audience participation in terms of how they could do things differently in the particular scenario- resulting in highly effective reflection.
— Petr Svoboda - Social Policy and Project Officer, City of Moreland