2015 - Brotherhood of St Laurence - Skills for Leadership Package

This 6-week Adaptive Leadership program was delivered as part of the Refugee Action Plan. It focussed on a  range of leadership skills including team building, negotiation, engaging in difficult conversations, public speaking and storytelling. The project was a collaboration between the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre and the City of Whittlesea. The program concluded with a graduation night involving musical performances, poetry and speeches from the participants.

Polykala work in a real and transformative way. They connect very well with the participants, making them feel at ease which creates an environment for growth. They were flexible, easy, professional and bring a human and refreshing approach to the work - great to work with!
— Anna Hutchens - Community Engagement Coordinator - Brotherhood of St Laurence

2015 - CITY OF MONASH - Youth Leadership Program

For the third consecutive year, Polykala delivered a leadership training to the students of Wellington Secondary College. The program focussed on a range of leadership skills over the three days, including teamwork, public speaking and storytelling. The program culminated in a Graduation night at the Monash Gallery of Art where the students each made a speech or performed.

The Polykala Team enable participants to become true leaders, developing practical experience and belief in themselves, their skills, insights and true understanding of leadership. This is an example of how valuable and empowering the leadership training has been and also demonstrates how building capacity leads to people giving back to their communities
— Greg Whyte - Director Sport and Houses - Wellington Secondary College

2015 - Wyndham City Council - Say no to Racism Training

Polykala delivered the Say No to Racism training to staff, service providers and community members that live and work within the Wyndham area. Wyndham City Council engaged Polykala to deliver the training as part of their support for the 'Racism. It Stops With Me’ campaign.

The Say No to Racism training really brought learning from the abstract and into the real. Polykala created a space that was safe for us to grapple with what is inevitably a loaded subject. The experiential learning offered through the final session was transformational. It provided a chance to practise the skills and draw on the framework we’d learnt that morning. It gave me the courage and skills to speak up when I see casual racism happening, I cannot recommend it highly enough.
— Casey Northam - Community Engagement Officer - City of Wyndham

2015 - City of Moreland - Say no to racism training

The City of Moreland engaged Polykala to deliver three sessions of the the Say No to Racism training as part of their 'Racism. It Stops With Me’ campaign, an initiative of the National Anti-Racism Strategy launched by the Australian Government in August 2012. The sessions were delivered to City of Moreland staff, service providers and members of the Fawkner community

2015 - FARMER INCUBATOR - Team Development

Polykala delivered the first session of Farmer Incubator's pilot program, working with the team to establish a collective purpose as well as introduce a range of tools for navigating team dynamics.

We engaged Polylala so we could invest in our group. The tools our group learned aided them to collaborate and support each other.
— Paul Miragliotta - Founder, Farmer Incubator

2014 - CITY OF DAREBIN - Facilitation & PRogram Design

Polykala were collaborating partners in developing, designing and delivering the 'Say No to Racism' training, one of Australia's first training packages to equip bystanders with the skills to tackle discrimination. Through the use of Adaptive leadership principals and forum theatre over 100 service providers, council staff and industry professionals were trained to safely and effectively 'say no to racism'.

Polykala were excellent to work with due to their creative minds, ability to think outside the square and their genuine understanding of, and commitment to, creating positive change through the actions and words of everyday people. Polykala’s program design and facilitation encourages participants to look within themselves to create achievable solutions and ignites genuine leadership. Their facilitation style in both small and large groups is exciting and dynamic as well as very warm and friendly allowing eager participants to contribute openly and honestly. I would happily work with Polykala again, and again!
— Dure de Winter, Darebin City Council Say No to Racism Project Officer.

2014 - ROTARY - Facilitation TRaining

Polykala was engaged by the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to train the facilitation team and develop group resilience amongst the team's members. Polykala employed the case-in-point approach to provide challenges for the team to navigate and reflect upon.

Polykala’s session incorporated greater accountability than any previous facilitation training we’ve experienced. The experience of being pushed and challenged by a pair of facilitators was valuable.
— Participant - RYLA Facilitation Team

2014 - University of Melbourne - Adaptive Leadership Training

Polykala delivered three sessions to over 450 students at the Melbourne Medical Students Conference called Beyond Answers: Adaptive Leadership for Medical Practitioners. The sessions were an experiential introduction to Adaptive Leadership aimed to enhance their ability to make a difference as medical professionals.

Polykala provided a fascinating insight on the application of Adaptive Leadership and emotional intelligence. This is invaluable in the development of leadership skills for the young doctors of the future.
— Nigel Sutherland, Medical Student, University of Melbourne

2014 - City of Monash - Youth Leadership program

Polykala was invited to deliver a one week intensive training program to the student leaders from two schools in Melbourne’s south-east. The main objectives were to foster connections between the schools and to build the overall leadership capacity of the students and run their own project. Polykala was supported by Sports Without Borders and the City of Monash in the venture.

Polykala is a highly professional facilitation organisation. They are flexible in their delivery of programs and their training produces positive outcomes.
— Tarik Bayrakli – Director, Sports Without Borders


2013 - Kristin School - youth leadership program

Polykala tailor made a Mindful Leadership program for young adults about the graduate from high school. Over three days this program gave participants multifaceted tools by which to enhance their ability to deal with stress, collaborate in groups and develop their unique leadership capacity.

I recommend Polykala’s trainers as experts in the field.
— Peter Clague - Executive Principal, Kristin School, New Zealand

2013 - NMIT Collingwood/Darebin - youth leadership program

Polykala worked in close partnership with NMIT Preston to deliver a robust training program to recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers. This 8-week program included massive cultural diversity and incorporated extensive training on self-confidence and civic leadership.

It was a very worthwhile program and a wonderful experience all round.
— Graeme Sparkes - Young Adult Migrant Education Course, NMIT

2013 - City of Monash - youth leadership program

Polykala was invited to deliver a one week intensive training program to the student leaders from two schools in Melbourne’s south-east. Twenty-five students from South Oakleigh College and Wellington Secondary College worked together in a robust and inclusive process. The program culminated in the launch of the ‘Relay for Life’ project. Over 100 community members attended the launch and celebrated the achievements of the emerging leaders in their midst.

With the success of this year’s intensive and the graduation ceremony run by Polykala and the students, we look forward to working with Polykala again in 2014. The level of success will be hard to beat but I’m sure you will do it!
— Chris McEwan - Active Communities Officer, City of Monash

2012 - NMIT Preston/Darebin - Adaptive Leadership Training

Polykala worked in close partnership with NMIT Preston to deliver a robust training program to recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers. This 8-week program included massive cultural diversity and incorporated extensive training on self-confidence and civic leadership.

It was a very worthwhile program and a wonderful experience all round.
— Graeme Sparkes - Young Adult Migrant Education Course, NMIT

2012 - City of Moreland - Public Consultation/Facilitation

The City of Moreland invited Polykala to run a daylong workshop with the region's key Service Providers on Human Rights. This workshop employed the Forum Theatre methodology as a means of enabling participants to experience first hand the issues facing their clients. This training provided tangible skills and a space for active discussions and rigorous debate. The workshop offered valuable insights to both Moreland Senior Management and key stakeholders surrounding the complexities of policies and procedures dealing with human rights.

Attendees were able to be passionate about the issues and were able to express this during the facilitated Forum Theatre; this enabled audience participation in terms of how they could do things differently in the particular scenario- resulting in highly effective reflection.
— Petr Svoboda - Social Policy and Project Officer, City of Moreland

2012 - City of Yarra - Facilitation Training

Working with the City of Yarra’s Youth Services team, we conducted Professional Development training to assist and enhance their capacity to effectively engage marginalised young people. These staff training sessions further consolidated our work with Yarra’s Youth Ambassadors Program.

Polykala has cultivated fertile ground and minds ready for action.
— Emily Mellon - Youth Services - City of Yarra


2012 - African Street Theatre - Theatre Arts Training

Polykala was employed by Nadia Faragaab of Buruji arts in conjunction with RISE to train a group of young Somali- Australians in the basics of performing art. Moreover, this project constituted a sensitive, artistic intervention into the negative publicity often directed at the community. The African Street Theatre (AST) training took place over one year and instilled the qualities of leadership, artistic experimentation, self-confidence and public communication.

Polykala were able to combine their experience as theatre makers, performers and community workers to great effect. The young actors responded well to them; the bonds that were created were lasting and tangible. Their training methodology helped to build a deep sense of trust, safety and genuine artistic expression. The members of the AST now have a greater sense of self-confidence and a marked improvement in their ability to communicate both on and off the stage.
— Nadia Mohamed - Founder/Director, Burji Arts


2012 - City of Yarra - Adaptive Leadership Training

Polykala trained twenty-five young people from more than 15 different cultural backgrounds in ages ranging from 15 to 25.  This program introduced mindfulness practices to the Ambassadors in conjunction with extensive theatre based group work and conflict resolution skills. Graduates have gone on to win ‘Yarra Young Person of the Year’ and have instilled energy into their local community.

Polykala’s work is truly moving and a testament to the spirit of these future young leaders.
— Geoff Barbour - Mayor (2011-12), City of Yarra

2011 - Global Poverty Project - Team Development

Polykala delivered a Team Building workshop for an Interstate volunteer training weekend. 40 volunteers for the Global Poverty Project participated in a series of exercises and activities designed to maximise group work and encourage creative participation.

It was an amazing session to start us off each day and there was great feedback from the participants. Thank you for your time and energy.
— Jay Frere Harvey - Australian Youth and Schools Program Manager - Global Poverty Project