Team Development

All workplaces, regardless of how harmonious they are, encounter difficult and highly charged situations. They crucially demand the ability to communicate effectively and compassionately. Organisations regularly face restructuring, leadership change and demographic shifts. Therefore, they need to learn how to deftly navigate these situations to flourish as a team. Through a series of carefully facilitated activities we train staff in how best to:

  • Establish and connect with collective purpose
  • Develop awareness of behavioural patterns
  • Communicate dissenting perspectives
  • Creatively use and respond to feedback

This is ideal for teams looking for facilitation around communication, culture change and conflict resolution.

Past Projects


Working with the City of Yarra’s Youth Services team, we conducted Professional Development training to assist and enhance their capacity to effectively engage marginalised young people. These staff training sessions further consolidated our work with Yarra’s Youth Ambassadors Program.

Polykala has cultivated fertile ground and minds ready for action.
— Emily Mellon - Youth Services - City of Yarra


Polykala delivered a Team Building workshop for an Interstate volunteer training weekend. 40 volunteers for the Global Poverty Project participated in a series of exercises and activities designed to maximise group work and encourage creative participation.

It was an amazing session to start us off each day and there was great feedback from the participants. Thank you for your time and energy.
— Jay Frere Harvey - Australian Youth and Schools Program Manager - Global Poverty Project


Polykala was engaged by the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards to train the facilitation team and develop group resilience amongst the team's members. Polykala employed the case-in-point approach to provide challenges for the team to navigate and reflect upon.

Polykala’s session incorporated greater accountability than any previous facilitation training we’ve experienced. The experience of being pushed and challenged by a pair of facilitators was valuable.
— Participant - RYLA Facilitation Team

Farmer Incubator

Polykala delivered the first session of Farmer Incubator's pilot program, working with the team to establish a collective purpose as well as introduce a range of tools for navigating team dynamics.

We engaged Polylala so we could invest in our group. The tools our group learned aided them to collaborate and support each other.
— Paul Miragliotta - Founder, Farmer Incubator