Open Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

  • Cecil Street Studio 66 Cecil St Fitzroy, VIC, 3065 Australia

The Polykala Adaptive Leadership program is designed for the most difficult of circumstances. Through a range of experiential activities and teaching modes we facilitate insights and realisations into leadership competence. Participants in this training do not need to be in positions of formal authority or have titles of any kind.

They do need to have a willingness to boldly engage with self-reflection as a fundamental and ongoing practice, as well as the courage to enquire into the way their actions, attitudes and behaviours impact on the worlds of people around them.
Polykala’s training is designed to provide competence in circumstances where:

  • Whatever's going wrong is chronic and the solutions, which should be effective, aren't.
  • The stakes are high.
  • The REAL problem is difficult to track down - and when you think you've got it nailed something else erupts elsewhere and you're back to square one.
  • Applying your known "fixes" not only don't work, they actually make things worse. 

These 4 elements are unmistakable characteristics of an "adaptive" situation. Highly complex, highly ambiguous, highly volatile, highly challenging. It's the space you're left with when ALL the how-to advice (from others) and ALL the know-how (your own) fail. What then?
The Polykala training is designed specifically for this setting. In short - the really hard basket. For everything else, there's no shortage of books, seminars, advisors, consultants, gurus, etc.

You won't be given answers to your dilemmas, instead, you'll be offered a set of awarenesses to assist you in navigating the unknown, the confusing, and the intimidating.