Spring Introduction to Adaptive Leadership Intensive (A1)

  • Fitzroy Community School 597 Brunswick St Fitzroy North VIC 3068 Australia

The Polykala Adaptive Intensive is delivered by three Harvard trained facilitators with additional trainers. It combines the Adaptive Leadership insights of Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky with the immediacy of improvisational theatre.

The training takes participants through a series of exercises and demonstrations. Progressively, characteristic (automatic) behaviours come into focus. Via frank dialogue with other participants, some of these behaviours become exposed as impediments to leadership effectiveness.

Fundamental to the training is the view that a person’s leadership effectiveness is tied directly to their reflective skill. Participants focus reflective attention on themselves - both individually and as a group - using their own behaviours and reactions as source material to investigate the Adaptive framework. Armed with this empirical data, participants can then explore alternative ways of responding that might enhance their leadership capability.