Working With Pride

Working with Pride is an experiential leadership training program designed for people managers and emerging leaders to create an inclusive workplace environment where all staff are empowered to bring their true selves to work.

Our goal is to provide influencers and managers with tools and awareness to help cultivate a welcoming environment for all employees, no matter their sexuality, gender expression or identity. When staff can focus their attention on work instead of hiding parts of themselves or dealing with stigma they can truly work with pride. 

This training was developed in collaboration with the City of Yarra.


Want to do the Working with Pride Training?

At your organisation: Up to 20 participants (excl. catering & venue) - $2,492.00 ex. GST

Fostering organisational cultures that respect LGBTI Victorians is fundamental to Victoria’s success. Working with Pride is an important step towards helping organisations follow best practice.
— Rowena Allen - Commissioner for Gender & Sexuality, State Government of Victoria
This program is a must for any modern and aspiring leader. It takes you comfortably out of your comfort zone and challenges your prejudices. Most importantly, it creates a safe environment to learn, share experiences and ask the questions you need to ask.
— Andrew Day - Director Corporate, Business & Finance, City of Yarra
I gained a great awareness and believe it has made me a better person in my life as well as a Manager. It provided real life stories, challenging scenarios and opportunities to raise questions to people who live and breathe these situations.
— Debbie Tyson - Manager Development and Compliance Services, Cardinia Shire Council

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