Youth Leadership Program

Polykala's Youth Leadership program trains young people to step into their leadership capacity. Our leadership training generates leadership competence and instills the basics of self-care. We believe in fostering long-term leadership capacity.  

Our training is for schools seeking to equip student with the skills needed to be influential, resilient and empathic change agents. We train leadership with conscience. 

The 3-day Youth leadership program is an action-based workshop designed to generate mindful, courageous leadership. Our process includes a range of experiential activities and teaching modes that facilitate authentic leadership skills in young people.  Our training fosters resilience and helps manage stress by cultivating practical, mindful awareness.

A typical Youth Leadership Program will be run by 2 facilitators and will include:

  • Leadership - Using the Adaptive Leadership framework (from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard) we explore Leadership as actions every young person can take.

  • Public Speaking & Communication – Students have the opportunity to unpack the essential components of communication - from vocal tones, to speech patterns and narratives. 

  • Team Building – Students experience and explore group dynamics and the skills and awareness necessary to function effectively in a team.

  • Self-Care – We explore and recognise the psychological and physiological signs associated with stress and develop tools to thrive in challenging and stressful contexts.

Key Learning Outcomes:

We focus on Physical, Personal and Social Learning (as defined by AusVELS). We specifically address:

Building social relationships (Interpersonal Development)

Working in teams (Interpersonal Development)

Civic knowledge and Understanding (Civics & Citizenship)

Community Engagement (Civics & Citizenship)

What they're saying...

Kristin School will continue to engage the services of Polykala in the future and I am equally keen on exploring opportunities for them to work with staff and parents. Mindfulness and Adaptive Leadership training is extremely positive and empowering for participants of any age and I recommend Polykala’s trainers as experts in the field.
— Peter Clague - Executive Principal, Kristen School (New Zealand)
The program was so special, and such spaces are so hard to find. It is within these environments where you can really express yourself without fear of judgment.
— Yezen Kubba - Student, Kristen School (New Zealand)
The Polykala Team enable participants to become true leaders, developing practical experience and belief in themselves, their skills, insights and true understanding of leadership. This is an example of how valuable and empowering the Leadership Training has been and also demonstrates how building capacity leads to people giving back to their communities.
— Greg Whyte - Director Sport and Houses - Wellington Secondary College